Between many different outputs, SOS Climate Waterfront produces an interesting gathering of 9 books and many scientific and general articles among different media. Also, the project has a number of small scientific outputs with very specific and pontual information that we share now with you.


SOS CWF Lisbon 2019

One of the most complex discussions concerning climate emergency is the possible rise in sea level. Existing data show that rising water levels is already a reality, but the question is: how much will this rise be? And, how long do we have to act?

SOS CWF Thessaloniki 2019

Coastal communities increasingly experience the effects of climate change. It is becoming urgent for researchers, local stakeholders and citizens to address and promote climate resilience and act collectively.

SOS CWF Gdansk 2021

Creative solutions are challenging, demanding multidisciplinary perspectives that flourish among those imagining the future.

SOS CWF Rome 2022

One of the most complex discussions concerning climate emergency is the sustainable water management. How to deal with the risks generated by climate change where the presence of cultural and environmental assets is highly stratified over time?

SOS CWF Stockholm 2023

Let us envision a future where cities thrive, harmoniously balancing their heritage, environment, and economic aspirations.




S.O.S Climate Waterfront brochure provides an insight into the H2020 MSC RISE project in brief and attractive form and raises awareness on every page.

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First Report on realized networking, meetings, workshops and conferences
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Final Report and the Agenda Building
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