EVENTS : Gdansk Conference (2019-06-01)


Lucyna Nyka


The dissemination of research results and the pooling of experts and community interested in climate change issues was ensured during one month, namely from 1 to 30 June 2019 in the premises of the Gdansk University of Technology.

Gdansk Event begun with Evening Welcome Reception and City Walk for better recognition of local urban activities. However, the main structure of the Gdansk event was mainly based on the Case Studies, Workshops and Conferences.


Case studies:

During the four-week event, three Case Studied were presented:

New Port

City and River Siennicka




Familiarization with every Case Study enabled experts to bring their own experience and knowledge and examine them together in the workshop and bring possible solutions. Professionals gathered in groups and subgroups to discuss and formulate common ideas in the context of Working Waterfront research topic. In the second day of every workshop the local stockholders were invited to participate. The results of every workshop were displayed on Wall discussion, that consisted of:

  • Group and individual presentation by the partners
  • Discussion on clustering of the problems and solutions
  • Selection of the focus/topic of the future work packages.

At the end of the last discussion, planning and recommendation for the future were stated and a set of local proposals was developed.



The last week of the Gdansk event was in the spirit of the consequences of climate change and creative solutions presented through a conference attended by 15 experts who introduced innovations in coastal sustainability and urban development. Furthermore, the Open Public Discussion on S.O.S. Climate Waterfront concepts engaged general public and allowed debate with people who have a subjective view of the issue and are trying to learn more and enhance the adaptation.



Student work:

Gallery: Gdańsk