The City of Gdansk

Municipality of Gdansk

The City of Gdańsk with the population 461 935 (30.06.2014) belongs to the group of largest cities in Poland and plays a role of capital of the Pomorskie region and a heart of political, economic and social life of the regional community numbering nearly 2 million inhabitants. The City of Gdansk performs tasks of commune and county. Therefore, the City of Gdansk has the responsibility for all public matters of local significance: education, public health promotion, and protection, social welfare services, family support policy, assistance to the disabled, employment, maintaining public order and collective security, maintenance of county facilities and public utilities, local infrastructure, electricity and heath supply, public transport, fire protection, supporting cultural institutions, sport, and tourism constructing and maintaining roads, environmental protection, municipal housing. The legislative authority of the City of Gdansk is performed by the City Council, which consists of 34 members. The mayor of Gdansk, elected in direct elections, is the executive authority. The mayor exercises direct general supervision over managing the municipal property and the property entrusted to municipal management, organization, and functioning of the municipal office, security and public order, civil defence, and emergency conditions.

The City of Gdańsk has in its structure substantive department, which for many years perform international cooperation projects devoted to various topics. These projects cover issues related to improving energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, implementing innovative activities in the field of active mobility and the use of ICT tools in the management of various sectors of the city. The project team members have extensive experience in project management in the public sector. The experience of the project team applies in particular to project settlement, organizing events, seminars, study visits, etc.


Ms. Joanna Zbierska– graduated from the National School of Public Administration (Warsaw).  She has extensive experience in implementing international cooperation projects.

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The City of Gdansk

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